A Cadanau Collage

A few "representative" images of Rod
I can always count on Rod's sister Rhonda to keep him in line, especially when she's wielding a chainsaw. Actually, Rod is a safety-oriented guy. Really. No, I mean it! chainsaw
plane Rod is preparing to take to the skies as a private pilot. He earned his instrument rating last year.
yardsale When I started skiing, I was a "grandmother" and I have aged considerably since then. In contrast, Rod is rather aggressive on skis. "COWABUNGA!!" Of course, that also means he can generate some spectacular falls.
On the slopes or off, Rod (in the back) can usually be identified by his trademark floppy green hat. That's me in green and our good friend Joe Kesselman in front of me. toboggan
kitten picture containing a link to the Story of the Jellicle
Kittens Rod is usually tolerant of my various projects. Here, he's gotten roped into helping to handraise four orphaned kittens. They all found good homes-not with us, as we are both allergic to cats. The kitten can tell you the full story.

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