At Last! Forget messing about high-powered vacuums to pick up the dog hair! Finally, a carpeting product which Really Works for the working pet owner! Presenting:

The FurFelt Carpet Kit

How does it work?
It's really Very Simple. When you're overwhelmed with pet fur on your carpets, why struggle against fate? What you need instead are pet-hair carpets. Simple; convenient, durable, and easy to repair, FurFelt Carpets will last a lifetime.

How to order
First, visit our website at and study our design booklet. Next, measure your rooms. Then, submit your order by phone, FAX, or email, indicating room sizes and choice of design. We ship within 2 days. It's That Simple.

How to install
Each FurFelt Carpet Kit comes complete with carpet base carefully custom-cut to cover your rooms wall to wall. If you have chosen a design, it will be stenciled onto your carpet base. Brush, Beater, Furniture cups, and shoe protectors are included. We supply everything but the fur! Installation is simple; spread your custom-cut Carpet Base over the floors. For best results, we recommend that you carpet the entire house. Our double-sided adhesive is highest quality, so care during installation is advised. Now, let the pet hair fall where it will. Every other day, move the furniture and use our convenient Brush to smooth the pet hair across any bare spots. Tamp the fur down with the Beater. For firmer results, once a week, have all the neighborhood children in and invite them to jump up and down to pack down the fur thoroughly. Within a year, Voila! Nice natural FurFelt rugs, self-maintaining to last a lifetime!

Our FurFelt Carpets are low maintanance too; when a spot starts to wear, just apply a light coating of the included spray adhesive and a couple of extra clumps of hair. If you have chosen a pattern, you may swap with owners of other long-haired breeds for different colors. Or, order our Pattern Kit. Sufficient colored fur to complete your chosen pattern will be shipped with your Kit. Pattern Kits will be shipped immediately; allow six weeks for Deluxe Pattern Kit with breed-appropriate natural fur.

Options available
Pattern Kit (synthetic fur, pricing depends upon size and pattern)
Deluxe Pattern Kit (natural fur, priced by size and pattern)
Deluxe Kit (carpet base permeated with slow-release pyrethrins, larval inhibitor, and deoderant)
Accelerator Kit (includes three bags of fur per room. Send fur swatch for color match, allow 4 weeks for delivery)

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