Some Useful Aviation Links


Fly for Fun - Aerobatics with Bill Thomas
International Aerobatic Club Home Page
Rich Stowell's Aviation Learning Center--Hub
Rob Krauter's How to Get Started in Aerobatics

ATC Sites

CyberAir Airpark Chicago Approach
The Aviation Home Page - ATC System Forum

Aviation Software

Excel-based Logbook
Interactive Weight & Balance (shareware)
will only work a limited number of times
Jesse Kempa's Virtual E6-B Program
John Price's Excel W&B and FlPlan software (also Word checklists)
Akmal's Logbook software, PPL test software
Michele's Hanger: airfoil and aero design software
MSFS Scenery Page - good links
Robin Choo's Unit Converter! for Win'95
Srirnam Narayan's Excel Flight Planner

General Sites

Aviation Week & Space Technology
AVweb Table of Contents
Landings Aviation Site
PILOT'S WEB - OnLine Aviation Magazine
Virtual Grass Strip
30,000 Feet Site Links toPhotos and Images

Good Reading

Aviation Poetry - a compilation
Book: F. E. Potts' Bush Pilot's Guide
Book: See How It Flies
Books by Kas Thomas
Should You Turnback?
Wally's TERPs Page

Learning to Fly

AOPA Online - Learn To Fly
Be A Pilot! Learn To Fly!
Fledgling's Roost Supply Site
Gene Whitt's Flight Training Articles
Jerry Kaidor's Lesson Journals
Kip's FAA Written Test Prep Page
Mountain Flying High Altitude Airport Operations Ground School
National Association of Flight Instructors - NAFI- Home Page
The Flight Training Cafe

Online Shopping

Airways Pilot Shop
AvShop On-line Sale of Aviation Software and Simulators
Flyte Bytes Aviation Shareware


Aircraft Underwriters Home Page
AOPA Online
Aviation Safety Reporting System
Colorado Pilots Association
EAA - The Sport Aviation Association
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
GTE Duats Home Page
Jeppesen Sanderson Home Page (Non-JAVA)
Soaring Society of America - Home Page
The Air Affair's List of Aircraft Type Clubs


1996 Nall Safety Report
Aviation Safety Reporting System
Aviation Safety Topics - CVR / FDR
Recent Accident Reports

Useful Information

Aeronautical Data
Aircraft Design Information Sources
AirNav Airport Info
Aviation Formulary V1.10
Find a Commercial Flight
General Counsul Letter on PIC Time
Lycoming Flyer Key Reprints:OPERATION
The One Hundred Dollar Hamburger


American Weather Concepts (AWC) Home Page
National Weather Service Welcome Page
NWS Aviation Digital Data Service
NWS Interactive Weather Information Network
Pacific Northwest Aviation Weather
Purdue WXP Interactive Maps
Sunrise/Sunset computation
Texas A&M Weather Page
The Weather Channel - St. Louis, MO